Diane Kwon is a native New Yorker, a designer, a storyteller, and a mother who loves her family more than anything “in the whole entire world, to the top of the sun and infinity.” She is also the author of two children’s books: Pobbolina and Oinkree and the Dancing Ant.

As a child, Diane could be found writing stories and dreaming up characters in her secret hideout under her family’s white baby grand piano. In fact, Pobbolina the witch first came about in a story she wrote for her senior project in high school! Today, Diane still catches herself sketching out story ideas in the margins of her paper when deep in thought. As someone who has always enjoyed losing herself in books, Diane loves the magic a story or a character can bring to a child’s life. She decided to embark on this adventure of writing children’s books in hopes of sharing her stories with those who might connect with them, find joy in them, or simply take comfort in listening to them.


What started out as a series of ideas dreamt up by a young girl hiding under her family’s piano grew into character sketches and vignettes scrawled in looseleaf margins and then, finally, became stories, printed and bound and ready to be discovered by eager minds! Honey Bunny Books was founded by designer, storyteller, and mother Diane Kwon who wanted authors and illustrators to have a space that welcomed and celebrated characters and stories grounded in love, kindness, and friendship.

Honey Bunny Books is committed to telling stories that stir up a sense of warmth and connection and inspire children to go out into the great wide world to make new friends, spread happiness, and maybe tell stories of their own.