• - On sale: October XX, 2020
  • - ISBN: 978-1-944194-75-8
  • - Picture Book: 10.25” x 10.25”

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Oinkree longs for adventure but has always been much too scared to leave the comfort of his warm, cozy home and daily routines. However, when Oinkree finds that his supply of beloved Snuffle Jam has run out, he realizes he must face his fears and venture out into the great unknown.

Ever so cautiously, Oinkree makes his way to Snuffle Berry Place Clearing only to come face to face with the most unexpected creature of all…



Meet Oinkree! He loves his little cottage and Snuffle Jam* on toast, and he wishes he could share these special things with someone else. But alas! Poor Oinkree is scared of EVERYTHING! Maybe if he faces his fears, he will find himself on the adventure of a lifetime and, perhaps, discover a friend who loves Snuffle Berry Jam as much as he does!

The Dancing Ant

Meet Dancing Ant! As his name suggests, Dancing Ant has magical dance moves that make incredible things happen! Perhaps he can use them to teach Oinkree about fun, friendship, and teamwork!


Meet the Colony! Along with Dancing Ant, this special group of ants has the power to shake things up with their dance moves! This crazy bunch loves any opportunity for adventure, and they will always help a friend in need!