• On sale: October 27, 2020
  • - ISBN: 978-1-944194-75-8
  • - Picture Book: 10.25” x 10.25”

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Pobbolina is a witch who once loved cooking delicious meals for the students at Pebbleton School but, lately, has been feeling unappreciated because of their lack of kindness and good manners! Franny Anne is a shy student who just transferred schools and worries that she won’t make any friends.

One day, when a student makes a nasty remark about the school lunch, Pobbolina decides it is time to teach all the children a lesson with a spell that will turn them into bunnies! What she doesn’t expect is that Franny Anne, too worried about where to sit, has avoided the magic lunch and the spell! By finding a way to reverse the enchantment on her classmates and turn Pobbolina into a bunny herself! Franny Anne is able to win herself a group of friends and a new class pet!

If Pobbolina felt taken for granted as the children’s cafeteria lady, she now feels pampered, loved, and appreciated as a bunny. With a new outlook on the children and with the help of her book of magic spells, Pobbolina decides to return to her old form without completely letting go of her life as a beloved class pet.



Meet Pobbolina! Grouchy and misunderstood, Pobbolina is the witch who works in the cafeteria at Pebbleton School. Maybe she just needs some kindness and a taste of her own medicine to remind her how much she loves cooking (and children)!

Franny Anne

Meet Franny Anne! She’s the new girl in school. Although she doesn’t know anyone yet, she’s full of kindness, understanding, and love! Maybe these special traits will help her win over a schoolfull of friends and warm the heart of a grouchy witch!

Pobbolina the Bunny

Meet Pobbolina the Bunny! Well, she was a grumpy witch, but now she is a fluffy class pet! Pobbolina the Bunny isn’t sure about all the vegetables and fruits she’s being fed, and she definitely feels that her fur is brushed way too often, but one thing is for sure: EVERYONE loves her!

The Bunnies

The bunnies are a confused but determined bunch. Just this morning, they were a class of school children, but now they hop everywhere, and their bodies are covered with soft fur! What happened?! Luckily, they are quite clever and, with the help of a new friend, have set their minds on finding a way to change back into kids!